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Hour Glass by Purgatorywolf Hour Glass :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0
Chapter ??: the Red Dragon Inn
Chapter ??: the Red Dragon Inn
As Dana & Dara's journey takes them into a new world, they find this place isn't too different from their own. This place, they quickly learned, was home to many different races, creatures, and technologies. So many vast cultures, the sights and sounds of the new world were nearly over whelming.
Dara looked to Dana as she gripped her sword. "Well, let's take a look at out new home. There must be a guild or something that could use our services." With her free hand she placed a hand on Dana's shoulder, and they stepped from the portal, and onto the dirt street.
Dana looked to Dara, nodding slowly, following just behind her. Her icy blue eyes peering around the area slowly.
The buildings looked simple, but some of the creatures looked odd to them. The world was new and they had much to learn, and needed to do so quickly.
"Which one should we go into first?" questioned Dana, as they followed the worn dirt path that lead in front of several inn
:iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0
Chapter ? : The War Is On
Chapter ? : The War Is On
Standing up, her boots sank into the mud of the freshly made grave. The shovel was thrown to the ground, almost in tandem with the cracks of lightning that littered the night sky. Dana's head rose up, looking to a sky that seemed to pulse with her anger. The rain bled down heavily, pouring off her body, it wasn't cold like it should have been, but warm. Here eyes closed as the water beat down on her face, letting it stream off her nose and chin.
Arconn was going to pay for what he had done. She planned to die in that mission, so long as he would suffer, no price was too high now. She turned away as a crack of lightning struck close by, the shock through the air thumped her body as the bright flash lite up the stone. It read: "Dara Luna - Sister, Commander, Friend". Her heavy, slow steps, lead her out of the graveyard. The ground giving way, sinking, with each step, leaving clear  tracks of her presence.
The WAR was on.
Dana rode all night,
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Link Redux by Purgatorywolf Link Redux :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0 Mystery by Purgatorywolf Mystery :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0
Mature content
Purgatorywolf Chapter Six :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0
BBQ Tongs by Purgatorywolf BBQ Tongs :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 1 0 Pump Lamp by Purgatorywolf Pump Lamp :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0 Low Rider pick-up truck by Purgatorywolf Low Rider pick-up truck :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0 Nova Super Sport - Rat 427 by Purgatorywolf Nova Super Sport - Rat 427 :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 1 0 1969 AMC SC/Rambler by Purgatorywolf 1969 AMC SC/Rambler :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0 1975 AMC Matador - Bobby Allison by Purgatorywolf 1975 AMC Matador - Bobby Allison :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 1 0 Pepsi Challenger - Darrell Waltrip by Purgatorywolf Pepsi Challenger - Darrell Waltrip :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 2 0 The General Lee by Purgatorywolf The General Lee :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0 1934 Ford Hot Rod by Purgatorywolf 1934 Ford Hot Rod :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 0 0 1968 Shelby GT350 Cobra by Purgatorywolf 1968 Shelby GT350 Cobra :iconpurgatorywolf:Purgatorywolf 1 0

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A word on miscats.
Pronunciation:  miss-kat
Function:  noun
Etymology:  short for miscategorized
1.  DeviantArt-speak for an image that is posted in the wrong gallery.
2.  Any image that has been submitted improperly causing it to be out of place.
"What's the buzz about miscats, why do people make such a bid deal about them?"  It's a common enough question, what compels people to focus on them so much?  Hopefully I will help give some answers to this situation and provide some information to make people think about why miscats are such an important thing here at DeviantArt.
First off, as the definition above states, any image that isn't in the proper gallery is considered a miscat.  It happens to every gallery, art that isn't like the others.  Some really stand out and others are not so bold in their misplacement.  Regardless of how misplaced, it's a situation that can be improved.  Here's
:iconaeires:Aeires 851 2,222
Skylark - Near RP by WindSeeker Skylark - Near RP :iconwindseeker:WindSeeker 120 15 Ooops by humpy77 Ooops :iconhumpy77:humpy77 649 409 BBA Promo Cover Poster by KayFedewa BBA Promo Cover Poster :iconkayfedewa:KayFedewa 1,439 0 frakkin hallmark by barbaroshima
Mature content
frakkin hallmark :iconbarbaroshima:barbaroshima 4 6
Wolf head and fur tutorial by autumnjaguar Wolf head and fur tutorial :iconautumnjaguar:autumnjaguar 975 49 many hands make light work by AurumEstPotestas many hands make light work :iconaurumestpotestas:AurumEstPotestas 38 23 now with more leg room by barbaroshima now with more leg room :iconbarbaroshima:barbaroshima 2 2 MythBusters: Porcum Iacio by Hail-NekoYasha MythBusters: Porcum Iacio :iconhail-nekoyasha:Hail-NekoYasha 13,799 4,202 in coming by barbaroshima in coming :iconbarbaroshima:barbaroshima 2 5 Thundercats - HO by Remainaery Thundercats - HO :iconremainaery:Remainaery 1,530 344
Four Twenty-Eight
Girl                                                            Boy
The sky was amazing!                         The sky was depressing.
Still, I could not fathom,
                                                         I tried to explain it..
Why we couldn't be together.
:iconobsidianwolfess:ObsidianWolfess 8 25
green rogue by barbaroshima green rogue :iconbarbaroshima:barbaroshima 3 3


Hello Neighbor by Gubru Hello Neighbor :icongubru:Gubru 74 48 Wolfsong by jocarra Wolfsong :iconjocarra:jocarra 1,903 805



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